About Kelli

Welcome To my blog!! I decided to start a blog coming from a professional stylists’ perspective. I have GREAT PASSION for healthy hair with style.From a very young age I knew that hair was an area of interest,especially with the trials and challenges I faced with my own hair.Beginning with trying to keep up with the trends,yet,still having to deal with the continued breakage that I had to overcome in my pre-adolescent years.

After noticing a lack of professional advocates for healthy hair,I began my career in Cosmetology in 1995.My journey began initially by educating clients on how to maintain healthy hair,along with achieving style at the same time.I was able to advance my craft,through researching products,advancing my education in cuts,color,and trends,without sacrificing the health of the hair.
In 2008,I opened up a professional Hair Salon that specializes in soft,sexy,healthy hair, by only using high-end and natural hair products.I am blessed with stylist that share my beliefs and vision for creating a peaceful atmosphere,while always providing efficient,quality,yet expeditious service with a smile.
I create a balance of putting God first,being a loving wife,and a positive,nurturing mother,while being a business owner.

I will be updating often. This blog is extending my vision from my website http://www.hairbykelli.com


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