My Two Cents



I am having a random deep thought moment!!! I just came back from a business conference so many, many things are running through my mind. Mainly my thoughts are on business. My current business, my new business  venture, businesses around me and businesses in general. I know that I am “called” to business, I have always zoomed in on businesses in my daily life. I know what catches my eye, what makes me frown up, what impresses me,what turns me off, and what is “suspect”. This particular conference was so thought provoking, and right on time. It not only made me think about where I want to be headed BUT mistakes that I have made in my own business and how I can improve them. We were given a lot of hypothetical situations that ALREADY boil my blood that causes glitches with small businesses. It pretty much floored me.

I am a black woman small business owner (with BIG DREAMS) and this is my two cents…….Those who know me knows what ticks me off in business … cluttered businesses of the same kind. Beauty salons, barber shops, and boutiques next door to each other just to name a few.Now, keep in mind we are talking about small businesses NOT corporations that are offering the exact same thing. We are going to also throw out the cliché  “What God has for you is for you” because I know this (blank stare).How does this build a community? What I usually see is businesses closing down and then a cycle of another hopeful opening up the same type of business because it is already set up. With boutiques I am always seeing the same leopard dress in the window. Where is the originality? One recent business I had been watching is THE WEAVE SHOP home of the $50 dollar weave. Even though I’m side eyeing the concept, It was a brilliant business plan that expanded. Not too long after, a whole bunch of replicas popped up and closed down within months. What sounds good and looks simple may not be for you. This person had a strategic business plan that was executed correctly. Whether they have good reviews or bad reviews, they are still growing. Business kudos to them (clapping my hands).

To the others that like to argue me down about how “I” feel and want to say  ” what about the liquor stores, the nail salons, and so on and so forth”. Well, did you know that a lot of times they are related or in a network together to sow that market up. Let me give you an example lets just say ummm… beauty supply stores (quick smile). They have that industry so sold up because they are the distributors to themselves .So it is on LOCK!!(we shall see about that)they have it mapped out, sign, sealed and delivered. Its kind of like being in the wizard of OZ and you find out who the wizard is, and realize you might not get home after all. As business owners we better click our heels (but really believing in Jesus to get our inheritance ). These monopolies are what we accept.We have done things the same way for so long that its unproductive. I’m tired of seeing small businesses close and dreams deferred. More importantly the age old question “Why” haven’t we built our own networks to build up healthy communities.I know that’s a deep question that can get even deeper.But it made me look at myself as a business owner, and those like me. Are we prepared ,are we executing our business plan or even have one. Are we teaching others how to succeed. Do we have the resources, or preparing for resources (credit lines).Are we going to make the same mistakes our entrepreneur families in the past made or will we do better.

Again this is MY TWO CENTS I simply want to see better. I want communities to THRIVE with small businesses with God given vision of different kinds .I want to see them expand and grow into empires. I want them to be US. More faith based businesses, Let this be OUR culture to uplift and encourage and lock down some markets on our own and create legacies for our children, grandchildren and many generations after that. I’m ready!!











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