Does Low Iron Effect my Hair



     This is a problem that is massive yet easily discounted.I have really taken notice of this issue in women over the last year. It is quite common for women to come into the salon and say the following.”My hair is SO DRY, shedding a lot,and I have bald spot up here from stress,or maybe it’s hereditary,Is there any oil I can use to put on it?” The answer is NO, not when it is coming from the inside.No hot oil treatments,No  protein conditioners,No changing of new stylist,No using a new satin pillow case is going to resolve this issue.

*Extremely  dry,brittle hair (from the root to the ends)

*Visible thinning balding spots

*Lots of shedding,uneven patches of hair throughout

*See through hair (if I see more shirt than hair,usually towards the ends)

*Stagnant hair growth

*Retaining little to no moisture

My first question would be  are you on high blood pressure medicines,have thyroids ,low blood or low iron. Some women answer truthfully.Some have not been to the doctor and have not had a thorough physical to answer the question.Some women simply don’t see how they connect. It totally does, and as a hairstylist I can truthfully tell you that when your hair is showing these signs there is only so much I can do to help you achieve total healthy hair.There is only so much I can cover up,curl tight,and smooth over.

Even when a client remarks that they’ve been to the doctor and all of their numbers are good…but you are still showing these signs. According to an article on

You might also want to go back to your doctor and ask for a more extensive test for iron levels. There are actually three main tests for iron: serum iron, which measures the amount of iron in blood; ferritin, which is a measure of the amount of iron stored in the body; and TIBC — Total Iron Binding Capacity — which is a measure of how much iron could be/should be in the body.

Many doctors will only test serum iron, but unless you have severe anemia, serum iron can appear normal even if ferritin and TIBC are low. The other two tests are more sensitive. Low ferritin means low iron stores, which means that you may need more iron. High TIBC means that your body has a big gap between how much iron the body has at its disposal and how much it needs. Both of these tests can be used to help diagnose iron-deficiency anemia or pre-anemia. Talk with your doctor about these additional tests. Your iron levels may yet be the problem. You may be a candidate for a supplemental dose, but don’t try self-diagnosing this problem — never take iron pills unless a medical professional confirms you need them.
Remember your hair,nails,and skin will give you hints if there may be something going on on the inside.Pay attention!!


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