But What Style Works For You ?!!!

So,you sit and look through all the hair books, and magazines,watch all the reality shows,stare at the ladies hair in front of you in the grocery line,And decide “I WANT THAT  HAIRSTYLE”.You immediately make a hair appt. your excitement is rising.You get to your stylist,explain the style,then Boom,your stylist gets to work.Now, it’s time for the reveal…….you look in the mirror….blank stare…you say the infamous”maybe I just gotta get use to it”.

Yes, we have all been there! So how do you avoid this mishap? One thing you can do is consult with your stylist, Let them know you are looking to get a new look and if you can add a few more minutes to your appt to discuss it.Then bring a photo of a similar look.(please dont bring a million pictures of different haircuts in 100 angles,it happens all the time,thats too much).Next ask your hairstylist their honest opinion. This is who YOU trust with your hair,and this is THEIR specialty.Make sure you are comfortable with what you BOTH have decided together. Allow me to give you an example of something that ALWAYS happens with me. When clients come to me new or old,and ask for a short cut,tapered on back and sides,and show me a picture of Halle Berry,Rihanna,etc. alot of times the biggest request is they want the shortest part not very low.Ok,I totally understand not wanting it shaved,but a feminine taper is usually best.But they grab this picture and say,” but I want it just to lay softly against my nape”. Well, this is where I step in as a professional and as someone who usually wheres my hair short.Certain style require certain textures,”IF” you want the best long term results. You have to remember Halle Berry and Rihanna have a fine texture of hair,so their hair naturally lays “softly against their nape”. Now that doesn’t mean this style cannot be accomplished , because I can relax and mold the shorter parts and it WILL be what you want….But, that next week the hair will began to lift up like a duck tail and the style will begin to lose its shape.9 1/2 times out of ten when the client returns they ask me to cut it down.(Told you so,lol).

My point is when choosing a new look,consider YOUR texture, YOUR  lifestyle, the current condition of YOUR hair, and even your maintenance routine.Trust your stylist and embrace what looks good on you and what works FOR you. HAPPY HEALTHY HAIR!!!


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