What you put in your body will come out PERIOD!

It is SO important even VITAL to talk to your stylist about ALL medication,illness,surgeries,stress,anything that will effect your hair and skin. It is important to know these things.Because everything that you put in your body will come out including in your hair and skin.Your Hair and skin will also show signs of illness and leave residue displaying medication.Medication and illness will also cause hair to become excessively dry,brittle,and split.Most often as a stylist I can often pinpoint when clients are on High Blood Pressure,Thyroid,and anti-biotic medicines.Keeping this in mind, it CAN effect your chemical services and there are certain shampoos and conditioners that are designed to work with these conditions.I see it so many times where clients hair begins to break or split when it could have all been avoided if clients would truly come clean about their medical history without embarrassment.This also avoids the “blame the stylist” theory.(just sayin’) .

If you are having chronic symptoms dealing with your hair it its NOT relating to hairstyling abuse.You definitely want to mention it to your doctor and ask for a blood test.Often, we get our yearly physical and get a clean bill of health.But,nowadays you have to ask  specifically for blood test.These illnesses can include lupus,thyroids,anemia,hormonal imbalance, or it may be something that you can more so control like a deficiency in nutrition,iron,protein,zinc,or biotin.Something to think about ….


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